Reconnecting Heaven and Earth
Cosmo Biology

To understand how astrology works we need to have an understanding of how the metaphysical flows through all life forms. How "The Music of the Spheres" links to all of life.

In our daily Earthly lives our experience is of physical form, however, on a subtle level everything from a blade of grass to the most distant star is energy at different states of vibration and resonance and we are, in fact, part of this One Universal Field of vibration and resonance. Our energy field is made up of billions and billions of tiny particles of energy. This energy is changing nano second by nano second as is the energy which surrounds us in the Universe.

From the moment that we embody our physical form we are, and are in, an energetic exchange of light and particle and each of the cycles of each of the planetary bodies informs and develops this subtle energetic system.

As physical beings we are multi-dimensional – having an etheric, emotional mental and spiritual body consciousness, housed within the auric system, which links each of these levels of being through our endocrine system, which in turn, informs our DNA. 

Quantum physics and cellular biology are at the cutting edge of reuniting mind body and spirit – science and mysticism – and our interconnection with the Universal Energy Field via the Solar System, Galaxy and beyond. According to quantum physics there is no such thing as space – we are all interconnected within a subtle energetic field that flows out from the depth of each individual cell to the furthest points of the Universe.

As a man thinks - so he is" – our everyday impressions, reactions, feelings, thoughts and actions are played out moment by moment – and these beliefs/impressions are laid down/stored up within our subtle energetic system, informing our consciousness, unconsciousness and latent DNA programming. When a particular thought is held over a long period of time, be it positive or negative then that thought underlies the character and circumstances of an individual.

Astrology, or cosmo-biology is the interface data of the atomic “energy fields” of the Universe as they interact upon each individual’s sub-atomic cellular system at a genetic level. Astrology/Cosmo-biology is the print out, if you will, for any given moment in time of the state of consciousness of an individual , or group of individuals – and indeed of all Life Forms.

As we evolve Soul awareness and develop Universal understanding we navigate our journey through the wisdom and compassion of the Heart. Cosmo-biology is the map of this evolutionary Soul Journey to becoming a Hu’man’e Being on Mother Earth and once again reconnecting to our true potential.


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