From out of the silent starry Light

on our Soul’s evolutionary journey

As we circle around the Sun

We Are Blessed

Held and anchored within Gaia’s

Exquisite beauty and versatility ~ reminding us all of the

Preciousness and Miracle of Life

When living together

in Harmony and Peace

Welcome ~ This web site has been created to remind and to reawaken us to the Truth of Who We Are.


We are far more than just the physical form. Underpinning our physical form our DNA is breathtakingly beautiful, intricate and intelligent and like the template of a snowflake each of us is unique - Light and Particle fused into a physical form.

This Light Template upon which our cellular structure is created, is intimately interconnected with the movement of Planetary Bodies within our Solar System and beyond, as we journey through the Cosmos.


Astrological knowledge, or Cosmo-Biology, is a map, or a print out, of our current state of consciousness, both individually and collectively.

The information on this web site is to encourage you to take on your own journey of Self-Discovery. To encourage you to open your mind and your heart, to reconnect to Life in trust within a force field that is Pure Light and Unconditional Love and in so doing to once again, remember your true potential.

It is in understanding how we interact with the Cosmic Field and how this affects our state of being, that we are able to step through past limitations into this clear spacious field of Peace and Equanimity.

As we close this present cycle of time, we are together creating our future as one humane Family on Planet Earth. May this web site assist us on this evolutionary journey.

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