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From an early age I had a real curiosity to discover where I had come from and what Life was all about. At the age of twelve sitting in an orchard, I asked ‘Who Am I?’ And suddenly I found I was outside of my body looking down onto my body. I thought ‘How useful my body is, how wonderful it is, but it is not me.’

This altered state of awareness occurred naturally. I had not been trying to meditate or to raise my consciousness - at the age of twelve I had no conception of meditation or altered states of awareness. My lasting impression of the moment was of being held in an energetic field of such Grace and Peace and in that ‘Holding Field’ a key of remembrance dropped into my consciousness.

This was the start of my journey. Now many years later I have walked many paths, studied many philosophies, and have had many different experiences, but all lead to the same understanding - each of us is a unique expression of Universal Consciousness, each of us is intimately connected to Source and each of us is precious.

Having studied astrology for many years, I became a Member of the Faculty of Astrological Studies in 1989, teaching this knowledge and then going on to combine this knowledge with vibrational medicine, working on the subtle energetic system, assisting individuals to release energetic negative patterns, allowing for a freer flow of Life Force through the subtle body allowing for a Consciousness Shift and Recalibration.

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Over this time I worked with many Souls on an individual basis and my book Divine Design - Worlds Within Worlds explores and explains our connection to the Cosmos, to our DNA and to our Souls evolutionary journey through time and space. As we journey through this period of time we have a huge opportunity to step away from the fear based archetypal energies that have been created over eons of time and to become truly humane beings embodying the Light and Love of Universal Consciousness. In connecting into this Timeless Truth and Wisdom, held deeply within our Being, we will reunite Heaven and Earth now, and for future generations to come.

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