A Time to Remember the Truth of Who We Are
Reuniting with the Universal Life Force
A Gift for the Heart Soul and Spirit

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Each year we host small groups in a magical part of Southern France. The groups create an intimate opportunity to look in depth at the unique energetic blueprint that underlies each individual's makeup, the personality that we come to believe is all that we are.

However, looking at the Natal Chart and the genetic archetypal patterning that was created from the planetary positions at the time of birth, we are able to see how this overlay becomes the focus of attention, obscuring the True Self which is Timeless, Peaceful and Spacious.

The discovery of the True Self is the revelation of the Universal Life Force flowing unimpeded from personal preferences, beliefs and projections. It is in this state of balance and equanimity that we open to the higher resonance of our DNA, revealing our true essence as a Sovereign being.

It is a partnership that engenders optimum well being and health.

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